Every Home Can Have A Maid Now


How It Works

  1. What do you mean by part time?

    The maid doesn't stay in. They come to your place at a an agreed time and follow your instruction to do general house cleaning. They finish and leave at the agreed time.

  2. What can they do?

    The maid do general cleaning like toilets, kitchen, floors, vehicles, home appliances like fans. They mop, scrub, brush, vacuum etc as per your instruction.

  3. How do you charge?

    We have adhoc, weekly and monthly packages.

    Generally each session by the maid is 4 hours, however we do cater for the occassional 2 hours services depending on availability.

    2 hours per session with one maids

    2 hours per session with two maids

    4 hours per session with one maid

    4 hours per session with two maids

    8 hours per session with one maid

    8 hours per session with two maids

    Like most other businesses, the more you order the bigger the discount. To take advantage of bigger discounts, please order our monthly package. 


  4. How do I get the maids

    We will bring the maid or maids to you at the agreed time. When they have completed the agreed hours, we will come and collect them.

  5. Do I have to provide anything?

    Yes. We provide maids 'labour' only. Customers will have to provide all the necessary detergents, soaps etc. and all equipments such as vacuum cleaner, dusters, brooms, mops, rags etc.

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